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How Ribbon came to be? Ribbon is a project that was born in the winter of 2011 from my idea. I wanted to create something that was not there: a sartorial brand experienced at 360 degrees, which became a real lifestyle. I have revisited models that have made the history of men’s fashion and made them with the highest quality materials, such as Japanese canvases. I like to think that my clothes are not only worn, but they also lived so long as to have a story to tell.

Italy, Venice and Treviso. What do they mean for Ribbon? Ribbon was born in Veneto and more precisely halfway between Venice and Treviso. I established my company in this land because I was born and raised there and thanks to this territory, rich in sartorial tradition and high-level production skills, I can create something that really belongs to me. Something really special.

What does create products “handmade in Italy” mean, in this historical moment? “Handmade in Italy” is the fulcrum on which our project is based. It is not just a productive decision but is, in effect, a life choice. Who buys our products is aware of the origin of the garment, from the materials to the processing: we have even engraved it in the logo. Today, most companies relocate production to reduce labor and tax costs. My company and I have decided to remain in our territory

Ribbon online man shopping

and enhance the know-how of the many masters who are part of it. Holding a garment from the Ribbon collection, you immediately notice the real made in Italy. It is perceived by the attention to detail: the quality of our packaging and the finishing of the seams are evident; in fact some of these are handmade by our craftsmen, such as buttonholes and the insertion of hammered buttons with long shanks: this process enhances the sartorial value of the garment.

Ribbon is synonymous with “essentiality”. How does this concept translate into fashion? Ribbon has always been synonymous with cleanliness of style and simplicity; we are convinced that it does not need to appear with showcase products. The real strength lies in satisfying the needs of customers by offering them high quality products, with an excellent fit, inserting unique and recognizable details.

Ribbon online man shopping

What does the new S / S 18 collection reserve for us? A strong inspiration for the workwear world characterizes the new collection. We took inspiration from old models of the 40s archive and we have reviewed them in a modern way to satisfy the tastes of the new gentlemen. Focus on new Japanese slim-fit and regular-fit denim trousers reminiscent of the British uniforms of 1940; then there are the iconic shirts, the vests and the coats in the various colors of denim, from indigo blue to brown earth through white. You can find the new spring / summer Ribbon collection in all Rione Fontana stores.

What is the garment who best represents the soul of Ribbon? Our first model was the 1970s western shirt (RIBBON CAM01), it has been redesigned and has become an irreplaceable garment for us in our collections; in fact, season after season, we enrich our proposal in various fit and new colors.

If Ribbon were a song, what would it be? If I had to review the Ribbon project in a song, I would choose “Don’t stop me now” written in 1979 by Freddie Mercury.
The song not only recalls the 80s, but it’s always current and able to bring generations together, but above all it instill a feeling of happiness and a charge of positive energy.


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