High-Quality Groom Suits: Elegance for Your Special Day

Welcome to our haute couture haven for the groom-to-be! Here at our atelier, we blend the quintessence of elegance and sophistication for your big day and beyond. We're not just a boutique; we're a sartorial sanctuary where Italian fashion's crème de la crème comes to life in every groom's attire.

Ceremonies and Special Events in Treviso, Mestre, and Montebelluna

In the heart of Treviso, Mestre Venezia, and Montebelluna, each suit is a masterpiece, crafted with luxurious materials and an eye for impeccable detail. We know comfort is king, and our suits are the throne! Whether you're a classic charmer or a modern maverick, we've got the perfect ceremonial suit waiting just for you.

Come and visit us or book an appointment in our store closest to you:

Timeless Elegance Redefined

Planning a wedding, a black-tie event, or a night that demands your finest? Our collection is like a sartorial symphony – from breezy summer suits to evening attire that whispers elegance. We ensure you'll look and feel suave at every turn.

Bespoke Suits for the Dapper Gentleman

At Rione Fontana, personalization is paramount. Our tailor-made service ensures your wedding day ensemble is nothing short of perfection, mirroring your unique flair. From the classic blue suits to contemporary ceremonial wear, every stitch is sewn with you in mind. Dive into our collection or visit us for a no-strings-attached exploration. Or, take it up a notch with a free consultation with our personal shoppers, ready to guide you to sartorial greatness for the most important day of your life.

Rione Fontana


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