Camplin Uomo: Peacoat history and elegance

The history of Camplin Men's Peacoats is steeped in audacity and success, and begins with the mad gesture of Robert Camplin in 1800. He created the first Peacoat in history for the Royal Navy, an exclusive garment that flawlessly combined practicality and versatility. Its success was such that Robert was awarded the Naval General Service Medal of Merit.

Year after year, the Peacoat Camplin moved out of the maritime context to become a style icon in the wardrobes of British men. In 2011, the Peacoat Camplin found new life in Italy, becoming a symbol of refinement and timeless style.

Peacoat Camplin: timeless class for the modern man

The Peacoat Camplin is a hymn to elegance and masculine class, representing a true investment for the winter wardrobe. Made 100% in Italy, with high-quality materials and extraordinary attention to detail, it offers high thermal performance even in the harshest conditions. 

The Camplin Men's F/W 2023 2024 Peacoat Collection

The Camplin Men's F/W 2023 2024 collection, available in the online shop and in the Rione Fontana shops in Treviso Mestre Montebelluna, offers unique garments that combine comfort and class. Read the article in our Blog The Journal and discover the fascinating history of this exclusive brand.

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