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Since the mid-1980s Rione Fontana has been working as an original fashion studio to research quality and beauty: for our clients we always track down the most cutting-edge stylish brands and the most special products as to fabrics and craftsmanship.

In 2019 Rione Fontana becomes a Benefit Company with the aim of generating a positive impact on society and the environment. We embrace the values of sustainability, social change and ethical management of resources as guiding principles of our business strategies.
On the one hand, we give priority to suppliers and products that respect society and environment and that do not damage nature or animals. On the other hand, Rione Fontana donates part of the profits to charity supporting with our time, money and volunteering some social activities to support people and children in their growth and education.

Our ability to look the future with enthusiasm gives light and energy to the authentic selection of garments and accessories we offer our clients. What about our mission? Mixing different forms and brands to create refined, trendy but never ordinary style-matches. In order to do this we draw ideas from tradition and at the same time we make them innovative: we combine our ingredients as if we were skilful chefs in search of balanced harmony, but at the same time eclectic and multifaceted.

Our sensibility for “made in Italy” culture joins the search of sartorial quality and the care for details in an original way: we offer this recipe, based on our specific Italian-style taste. So we work as a guide for our clients who want to create and re-create their personal style and we adapt our mood to every different personality.