Benefit Corporation

Food, energy production, up to an everyday area which is very close to us: what we wear. The clothing industry affects the fragile ecosystem in which we live, and, now more than ever, we have the task of choosing a more responsible form of consumption under every aspect, from production to purchase.

Our Commitment

Animal Free.
Attention for nature, the environment and animals.

We give priority to suppliers and products that respect society and the enviroment and do not damage nature nor animals for the sole purpose of production.

What does it mean? That we select our products according to environmental and social sustainability criteria. We promote the support for product lines that are able to respect animals, but also the big home that is the Earth, which we should leave as a better place compared to how we found it.

Social responsibility.
Focus on the community.

We want to work in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territory and environment, cultural and social goods and activities, institutions and associations, and other stakeholders.

What do we believe in? We believe in the power of relations, of listening and dialog.
For this reason, we conduct periodic surveys to check the satisfaction of ou employees, and we offer various corporate and extra-company trainings. We believe in the importance of community and territory and therefore we support associations and other institutions that share the same values.

Capta Charitable Organization.
Focus on people, children and growth.

Every year, we donate part of our profits to Centro CAPTA in Vicenza, considering cash disbursements and donations in kind, time of the employees, shareholders and founders of the company as part of the profit.

What do we do? Together with Fondazione Capta in Vicenza,
we support and promote the growth of children and teenagers. We give our help in the realization of relational and artistic workshops, residential holidays and summer camps, as well as for social and labour inclusion for older kids.

Results achieved


  • We donated 36,000 € in money, products and capital goods
  • 656 hours of volunteer work (of Rione Fontana members, founders and employees)
  • Creation of the section Sustainable Fashion
  • Sponsoring of “GIOIOSAETAMOROSA - Treviso Contemporary Theater Festival”
  • Summer Camp CAPTA
  • Corporate training in transcendental meditation


  • We donated 54,000 € in money, products and capital goods
  • 596 hours of volunteer work (of Rione Fontana members, founders and employees)
  • Development of a new packaging with reclaimed material
  • Summer Camp CAPTA


  • We donated 60,000 € in money, products and capital goods
  • 714 hours of volunteer work (of Rione Fontana members, founders and employees)
  • Written policy for the selection of suppliers and products compatible with our sustainability mission
  • Summer Camp CAPTA

Other activities:

  • Support for workshops on emotional management during the Covid 19 period
  • Support in the creation of an anti-violence network in the province of Trento
  • Social theater workshop on bullying, violence against women and Covid
  • Teenager center for school support, promotion of autonomy and peer education, listening space and psychological support
  • Teacher training on conflict management
  • “L'ora della convivenza”: in-class workshop for kids on relationships and cooperation
  • RACE - Uomini e Donne tra violenza e amore (“Men and Women between Violence and Love”)
  • Art therapy workshops
  • Pet therapy activities