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Remember that you have 14 days from the moment you receive the package to return an item.


Return conditions

The products that you want to return must be in the same conditions as they were when you received them, please don't remove the label and don't soil the item. Products must be inside original boxes or another of the same size and strenght. This will make the return process easier.

You can return one or more items from your order. You are not forced to return the whole order.


Return form

  • Fill in all parts of both the copies of the return form that you will find inside your package (in order to provide a quick and correct management of your return it's fundamental to not leave empty any required field).
  • Insert the products in the original box that contained them, add the return form with the “package copy” indication. If you are outside Italy paste the adesive label that contains the recipient data (the same that are in the return form).


Return process

In order to return your order, Rione Fontana offers you three options:

  • Bring personally the package to a GLS office, giving to the employee the “courier copy” of the return form.
  • GLS can collect the package directly at your house or at your office. Contact the closer GLS office in order to schedule the pick up and give the courier the package with the label and the “courier copy” of the return form.
  • Bring the item you want to return to Rione Fontana stores. Don’t forget the receipt! You can ask for refund or you can change your item with everything else. You will get the refund by the same way you paid. If you paid by cash, you will be refund by bank transfer in. You can’t never get the refund by cash directly in Rione Fontana Stores

The return is free for orders above 150,00 EUR if the package is sent from Italy, but it's in charge of the customer outside Italy. The return in store is always free.


Return form loss

If you have lost your return form, please contact: servizioclienti@rionefontana.com


Item replacement

It is not possible to change the size or the color of an item by the return process. You will be totally refunded for the item that you return, but if you want to receive the same item in another size or color you must do a new order with relative payment.



After having received and verified the return, we will procede with the refund of the sent items using the same payment method as the order. Refund times can change depending on the bank circuits, up to 30 days from the starling.


    The ammount of the returned items will be accredited on the bank account related to the credit card. The timing of the accreditation can vary from a bank to another.


    After receiving the return, we will refund the amount in your bank account. After deciding the refund method, must communicate: account holder, IBAN (international bank code) and Order Number.


    Concerning goods bought with the gift card, if you get the refund through a ticket of the same value to be used for furthere purchases on rionefontana.com


For any issue about returning the item, please get in contact with our customer support service: servizioclienti@rionefontana.com