A family history

“I am more and more convinced that we need to see ourselves as one single entity with the surrounding environment and to know that an alternative development is possible and is already happening.”

In 1984, the Tirindelli family founded the first shop of the Rione Fontana group, at the time called “Strani Sarti”. Today, the son Claudio heads the group, still moved by the same principle that led to the creation of the first shop: to make customers feel at home.

Four locations in the Veneto region: exclusive architectural spaces built to offer a strong feeling of familiarity, to make every person feel like at home, a founding and integral part of a group. A group made of women and men, of genuine people committed with passion and dedication in an environment governed by human relationships before working relationships.

Rione Fontana is simply this: a family history.

Our philosophy and lifestyle? Mixing different forms and brands to develop refined style combinations.
We pick up from tradition and at the same time we innovate: we mix our ingredients like expert chefs looking for armony and equilibrium, without giving up being eclectic and polyhedric.

Our sentisitivity to Made in Italy meets the search for tailoring quality and the attention to details in an original way: we offer this recipe for our peculiar, Italian-style taste.

The craziness of an online shop

“Yes, we were among the first.
-    It is something crazy for a small company like yours – people used to tell us.
Today, we know that it was the best crazy thing we could have done.”

In 2012, the walls of the shops transform themselves into a virtual space with the launch of the Rione Fontana Online Shop.
Two categories, Man and Woman, and a blog, The Journal, digital version of the Rione Fontana Magazine, which in the past was periodically delivered to our customers at home.
A brand new section, Sustainable Fashion, born from the desire of becoming part of a necessary change.
A selection of products coming from eco-friendly and Animal Free companies, obtained from the recycling of waste materials.

A new, boundless space, in constant dialogue with the reality of the Rione Fontana stores, precious open windows over the last trends and the daily needs of our customers.

A (sustainable) window over Europe

History repeats itself: the craziness that in 2012 convinced us to lauch one of the first online shops has driven us to open the second.
In May 2022, we launched a new exclusive e-commerce for European countries, entirely dedicated to sustainable fashion. The name is an homage to the origins of the group: Strani Sarti.

A revolutionary portal where you can buy less to buy well, a “strange” concept for a global fashion industry where 60% of the garments are used for half of their potential duration.
A “strange” concept for a market that in 2030 will reach 102 million tons of produced garments and that, every year, is responsible for half a million tons of microfibers scattered into the oceans.

Strani Sarti wants to do this: propose a limited selection of ethical and eco-friendly products that are carefully chosen among the best Italian and international fashion proposals.
Timeless products, designed to accompany us season after season. No more fast fashion but quality fashion.