The protection of personal data is a matter of trust and confidence of our Customers is very important to Rione Fontana SRL Società Benefit, owner of the brand Rione Fontana and of the domain name

For this reason, Rione Fontana SRL Società Benefit, headquarted in Vicolo Duca D’Aosta no. 9/B, Volpago del Montello (TV), hereinafter defined “Corporation”, as data controller according to the EU Regulation 679/2016 laying down rules for the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data, wants to inform the Users of the above mentioned website on the collection and use of personal data and cookies, as well as request consent in order to use them for the below mentioned purposes.

The present privacy policy applies exclusively to the online activities of this website and is valid for visitors/users/customers of the website, to whom we will below refer also just as “interested”. It does not apply to information potentially collected though different channels.

The aim of the privacy policy is to provide maximum transparency with regard to the data that the website collects and how it uses them.



With the use or consultation of the present website, visitors and users explicitly approve the present privacy policy and give their consent to the processing of their personal data in relation to the ways and aims below described, included the potential disclosure to third parties if necessary for the provision of the services requested or the purchase orders.

The expression of consent to the collection and processing of data is optional; the user can deny consent or withdraw at any time (though the email address However, denying consent may deny the provision of some services and the browsing experience might be compromised.

In any case, the user is free to provide his/her personal data on the form “contacts”, which is also used for sending informative material or other communications. Starting from May 25, 2018 (date of entry into force of the GDPR), the present website will process some of the data according to the legitimate interests of the Data Controller.



The present website processes common and anonymous data. In particular, it uses log files through which it stores information collected in a computerized way while the user visits a page of the website.

The information collected are identified as follows:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Type of browser and parameters of the device used to access the website
  • Name of the internet service provider (ISP)
  • Date and time of access
  • Webpage of origin (referral) and of exit
  • Country of origin
  • Possibly the number of clicks; the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (correct, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer environment.

These data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical data on the use of the website and for controlling its correct functioning. The data might be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical cybercrime against the website, only upon request of supervisory authorities in charge. The optional, explicit, and voluntary sending also by e-mail, involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to respond to requests, and of potential other personal data included in the message/communication.



  1. Order:Rione Fontana collects and processes Customer data for the execution of orders, for any claims after the purchase and to provide customers with the services available. These data are necessary for the management of orders, also with business partners (eg logistics providers, couriers, banks). It is essential to enter a correct delivery address to order items. A telephone number is also necessary in order to allow Rione Fontana to contact the Customer for any questions or requests for clarification. The email address is also necessary to Rione Fontana to communicate to the Customer an acknowledgment of receipt of the order and any other notices. The email address is also used for the identification of the Customer during the "login".
  1. Reserved area – customer login:data on customer orders are saved in the system of Rione Fontana, but they cannot be freely accessible for security reasons. Rione Fontana however guarantee to each customer access to the private area, by using a password. In this area, you can view all the information about completed orders, pending orders and those shipped recently, and you can also manage your personal information. The customer is obliged to treat the access data in a responsible manner and in compliance with regulations, without disclosing them to third parties. Rione Fontana will not be in any way responsible for improper use or misuse of the password from the client.
  2. Newsletter subscription: the user can enter his/her data in the newsletter section (e.g., name or e-mail address indicating his/her name), thus authorizing the company to personally contact him/her. The user may of course contact the company anonymously or under a pseudonym (e.g., through a free e-mail address that does not display his/her name). RIONE FONTANA SRL Benefit Corporation uses the data collected through the newsletter subscription to customize and adapt the services to the interests and preferences of the customer, however without profiling, as well as for promotional purposes and market studies. The company stores the collected data for long periods of time, being understood that such data will only be used for the purposes indicated below.
  3. CV sending: the User can enter his/her personal data in the section “Job Opportunities” (e.g., first name, last name, e-mail), attaching his/her C.V. in response to current job offers. By doing this, the user authorizes the company to use the data entered for the recruitment process, including (by way of example and not limited to), the registration of the CV, the evaluation of the information included in the CV to determine the potential suitability for the creation of a working relationship with the Owner, the organization of interviews and related obligations.



Data are processed for the following purposes:

  • Only in aggregate and anonymous form, to verify the correct functioning of the website. No information is related to the natural person-user of the website, and it does not permit his/her identification;
  • For security reasons (antispam filters, firewall, virus detection), automatically registered data can eventually include also personal data like the IP address, which might be used, in accordance with applicable laws, to block attempts to damage the website or other users, or, in general, to block malicious activity or activities that constitute a crime. The data are never used for identifying or profiling the user, nor crossed with other data, nor provided to third parties – they are only used to protect the website and its users;
  • For commercial and contractual purposes and subsequent fulfillment of legal and contractual obligations coming from the online purchasing of products included on the website, as well as for an efficient management of business relationships. The processing of the user’s personal data is aimed exclusively at carrying out the activities for a correct management and execution of tax and accounting obligations for the management of potential contracts and for the administration and management of payments;
  • Techniques needed for the maintenance of the website;
  • The company uses the user’s data for promotional/advertising purposes, to send information on the products offered on the website The email address of the user will be only used within the limits prescribed by the applicable laws or, where necessary, after a specific authorization from the user. The interested party, as user of, will receive “advice on purchases” regularly via e-mail. It is possible to stop receiving promotional messages without any charge, by sending a request via email to, or clicking on “cancel subscription”, which can be found in each promotional email;
  • To respond to requests related to “customer service” and/or “technical support” after having filled in the form “contacts”;

For the recruitment process, which includes (by way of example and not limited to), the registration of the CV, the evaluation of the information included in the CV to determine the potential suitability for the creation of a working relationship with the Owner, the organization of interviews and related obligations after having filled in the form “job opportunities”.

The data received will be exclusively used for processing the purchase order or for requests sent by the user, and only for the time needed to provide the service. However, when the user visits the website, also when accessing from the link of a newsletter, some data are collected and saved. The domain-name or the IP address of the accessing computer are temporarily saved for security reasons and deleted after a maximum of 7 (seven) days. Other data can also be saved, such as date of access, http response code, website from which the user was redirected to the website, as well as the amount of data (bytes) that have been transmitted. The data analysis takes place only in a strictly anonymous form (e.g., 45% of the readers of the newsletter have read the message xy). Such process allows the company to adapt the information contained in the offers to the interests of the subscribers of the newsletter, which is sent in this way: the user will receive the newsletter only by opening the informative emails and clicking on the link that confirms the activation of the newsletter service.
it is up to the user to verify that he/she has the permission to enter the personal data of third parties or contents that are protected by national and international regulations.

In any case, the data collected through the website during its use are exclusively used for the above mentioned purposes and saved for the time strictly necessary to perform the described activities.

In any case, the personal data collected through the website will never be given to third parties, for any reason, unless there is a legitimate request from a judicial authority and only in the cases provided for by law. However, the data might be given to third parties in case it is necessary for the provision of a specific service requested by the user or for the execution of security or website optimization checks.



The personal data will be disclosed and processed, in compliance with the applicable regulations, by the company’s staff and in the offices in charge. The personal data collected by the company might be communicated, within the limits strictly related to the above described purposes, also to the following subjects or categories of subjects:

  • Subjects to which the data must be communicated by law, regulation or national and communitarian regulations (for example public administrations and institutions dealing with protection of health and safety in the workplace) as well as for the execution of contractual and precontractual obligations (credit institutions, insurance companies and similar institutions);
  • Subjects that need to communicate those data for activities strictly related to the current relationship with the company, for example consultants, professionals, collaborators or suppliers that collaborate with the organization for aspects related to task management;
  • Legal consultants, accounting experts, labor consultants also in order to study and solve potential legal problems related to the existing contractual position (e.g. lawyers for the management of criminal, civil and administrative litigation; legal authorities of any level; arbiters; freelance professionals for the purposes of advocacy and consultancy, including their counterparty where necessary; insurance companies, in case of insurance policies involving those communications.



The processing related to the services of this website takes place at the company’s headquarters and is carried out only by technical staff in charge, or by potential delegated of occasional maintenance operations. No data deriving from the web service is communicated or spread. The personal data provided by the users who request the sending of informational material (newsletters, etc.) are used with the sole purpose of executing the service or the requested service.



The present website treats users’ data in a lawful and correct way, adopting specific safety measures meant to deny non-authorized access, disclosure, alteration, or non-authorized destruction of the data. The data processing is carried out through computer and/or telematic tools, with organizational methods and logics strictly related to the indicated purposes. In particular, the website management software is constantly updated and regularly scanned to verify the absence of viruses and dangerous codes. In addition to the Owner, in some cases, the permission to have access to the data might be given to categories of persons in charge of the website organization (administrative, commercial, marketing and legal staff, as well as system administrators), and/or also to external subjects (such as suppliers of third party technical services, hosting providers, information technology companies and communication agencies).



At any time, the user can exercise his/her rights against the data controller, according to the EU regulation no. 2016/679, through the following contact details: – RIONE FONTANA SRL Benefit Corporation – Vicolo Duca D’Aosta no. 9/B – 31040 Volpago del Montello (TV), Italy (for written communications). To guarantee the correct exercise of his/her rights, the user must identify himself/herself unambiguously. The company commits itself to reply within 30 days and, in case of impossibility to respect the deadline, to motivate the extension of the expected time. The feedback will be free of charge except in cases of groundlessness (e.g. there are no data concerning the interested party) or excessive requests (e.g. repetitive over time), for which a cost contribution might be applied (not exceeding the costs actually incurred for the research conducted in this case). The rights related to personal data concerning deceased people can be exercised by those with specific interests or who act in defense of the person concerned, or for family reasons worthy of protection. The interested party, moreover, can lodge a complaint to the control authorities. In case of violation of personal data suffered by the company, the owner will notify the violation to the competent control authority withing 72 hours from the event, and will have to communicate the event also to the interested party.

In particular, the interested party has the right to obtain:

  • The origin of personal data
  • The category of the processed data
  • The purpose and methods of processing
  • The period of storage
  • The logic applied in case of processing with the aid of electronic instruments
  • The identification details of the owner
  • The subjects and categories of subjects to whom the data can be communicated or who might access them as data processors, also in third countries
  • The confirmation of the existence or nonexistence of their personal data and that those data are available in an intelligible form
  • The update, adjustment, integration and limitation of the data
  • The cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or block of data that are processed in violation of the law (included those for which the conservation is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are collected or successively processed)
  • The copy of the data subject to processing



Finally, the interested party has the right to object to:

  • The processing of personal data that concern the interested party, including profiling for legitimate reasons, even if pertinent to the purpose of data collection
  • The processing of personal data that concern the interested party for the purposes of: sending of promotional material, direct purchasing, market research, commercial communications
  • The processing of data for scientific or historical research of for statistical purposes, except in case of public interest for the processing



The present privacy policy is updated as of March 23, 2022.




What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files recorded in a computer when visiting certain pages on the internet, when reading certain emails or when using certain services. They are simple lines of text used for different purposes: automatic authentication, storing specific information regarding the users who access the service, keep track of behaviors for statistic reasons. The management of cookies is under the direct control of the user: it is possible to block the registration of cookies, delete them or simply select those that the user wants to keep. For most of the browsers cookies are enabled; in the end notes you will find the necessary information to modify the settings of the cookies on your browser. We give you this information as part of our initiative aimed at respecting the recent legislation introduced on the subject, and to guarantee our integrity and transparency with regard to your privacy when you use our website.


Type and duration of cookies

Cookies, depending on the purpose, can be:

  1. Technical cookies. They are fundamental to navigate the website and use its functions, for example for entering the reserved area in the website. Without these cookies, the requested services cannot be guaranteed. For this type of cookies, a prior consent from the users is not necessary.
  2. Profiling cookies. Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user, and are used to send promotional messages in line with the preferences shown by the user while navigating the website.

Cookies can then be distinguished between “first-party” cookies, developed by the owner of the website, and “third-party” cookies, developed by third parties.

In case of third-party cookies, the website has no direct control over single cookies; however, the user can manage them through the settings of his/her browser.

Depending on the duration, cookies can be:

  • temporary or session cookies, used to save temporary information. They are removed from the computer when the browser is closed;
  • permanent, used to store information in order to avoid that the user has to retype them again every time he/she visits the website. They are stored in the computer also after the browser is closed.


Cookies present on the website:

Technical cookies:

_tsrce: third-party cookies that are released when someone pays through PayPal, duration 3 days

I7_az: third-party cookies necessary to login to PayPal, duration 30 minutes

ts_c: third-party cookie set by PayPal to enable payments on this website, duration 3 years

ts: third-party cookie set by PayPal to enable payments on this website, duration 3 years

TawkConnectionTime: first-party session cookie that remembers the final user so that the past chat conversations can be identified to improve the service

test-cookies: third-party cookie set by DoubleClick (owned by Google) to determine whether the browser of the website visitor supports cookies, duration 15 minutes

Statistics cookies (similar to technical cookies as they are used by the site operator to collect information in aggregate form):

_ga: cookie linked to the service Google Analytics, used to track and generate statistics on the use of the website, duration 2 years

_gid: cookie linked to the service Google Analytics to count and keep track of page views, duration 1 day

_gat: cookie linked to the service Google Analytics to read and filter the requests by bots

To read the Google privacy policy related to the services of Google Analytics, please visit the page


Marketing and profiling cookies

IDE: third-party cookie set by DoubleClick (owned by Google), that helps to analyze and optimize our advertising campaigns, duration 1 year

uvc: third-party cookie that keeps track of the frequency with which a user interacts with AddThis, duration 1 year

_gcl_au: cookie used by AdSense to test the efficiency of ads on the websites that use those services, duration 3 months

_fbp: cookie used by Meta to provide a series of promotional products, duration 3 months

_loc: third-party cookie that saves the geolocation of visitors to register the position of the sharer, duration 1 year

_pin_unauth: cookie that registers a unique ID that identifies and reckons the user for target advertising, duration 1 year

_atuvs: associated with the sharing widget AddThis, which allows visitors to share contents with a range of networking and sharing platforms, duration 30 minutes

_atuvc: associated with the sharing widget AddThis, which allows visitors to share contents with a range of networking and sharing platforms, duration 1 year


Plugin and interaction with social networks

The website presents keys/widgets that allow to access Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and to interact with them. Moreover, it incorporates plugins relative to the same social networks, to allow an easy sharing of the contents on the user’s favorite social networks. Those plugins are programmed in order not to set any cookie when accessing the page, to safeguard the privacy of the users. If the user navigates while being logged in to social networks, then he/she has already given consent to the use of cookies conveyed through this website at the time of registration to the social network.

The collection and use of the information obtained through the key are regulated by the respective privacy policies of the social networks, to which we ask you to refer.


How to remove or block cookies

It is possible to prevent a site to use cookies for the described activities, or to cancel all saved cookies by using the tools made available by your browser (the browser is the program used to navigate websites). Please note that, if you decide to disable all cookies, some functionality of the website that you are visiting might be limited. It is possible to navigate while temporarily avoiding that the browser registers the cookies generated by websites by enabling incognito browsing (also known as

“private browsing” or “anonymous browsing”), available on modern browsers. In this way the browser, depending on the version used, does not register cookies or registers only some cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Anyway, the cookies are canceled once the browser window is closed. In this way, moreover, the websites displayed in the history are not saved, nor is the information typed in the forms present on the pages.

More instructions are available on the help sites of the used browser: Google Chrome and Google Chrome Mobile, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Apple Safari Mobile. It is possible to disable cookies altogether or to cancel them.



The present privacy policy is updated as of March 23, 2022.